Hygiene concept


What is being done at the venue to minimize the risk of spreading Covid-19?

In preparation to return to in-person events, BSides:Munich is committed to taking rigorous health and safety measures to provide as safe a meeting space as possible. We’re working closely with event venues, and plan to follow all federal, state, local and RKI guidelines. We appreciate the cooperation of all parties in adhering to these measures. BSides Munich will communicate any changes to this plan to registered attendees.

  • Don’t come to the conference if you feel unwell.
  • We ask all participants to provide a proof of vaccination, recovery or a recent certified lateral flow test - known as 3G in Germany.
  • We will enforce wearing FFP2 face masks. FFP2 face masks will be provided at the event so that everyone feels safe. Please wear FFP2 face masks completely covering your nose and mouth.
  • We will provide hand sanitizers at multiple locations at the event.
  • We will ensure a good flow of fresh air indoors through the ventilation system of the venue.
  • We encourage everyone to (1) regularly wash their hands; (2) cough and sneeze into their elbow; (3) not shake hands.
  • We will regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects.

Hygiene concept

The hygiene concept for the workshops and conference will be adapted according to the current number of cases and in coordination with the hosts and trainers. This page will be updated accordingly and holders of conference tickets will be informed directly of any changes.


Wearing the FFP2 mask is mandatory for the participants during the training. We want to ensure a safe atmosphere for the trainers, participants and organizers. Accordingly, we set a minimum standard for the workshops.


Wearing the FFP2 mask is mandatory for the whole duration of the conference for all participants. Speakers don’t have to wear FFP2 masks while speaking.