Keeping Electric Vehicles Secure: the need for a CAN security framework


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Vehicle security has gained traction ever since the infamous 2014 Jeep Cherokee incident. Electric vehicles are widely acclaimed as the future, and with the rising fuel prices and the need to escape the use of fossil fuels, we are in the midst of a massive transition from mechanical to electric vehicles. Vehicle security becomes a necessity in this climate. In this presentation, I will first introduce you to the Control Area Network (CAN) protocol that governs these electric vehicles and outline its inherent security challenges. I will then take you on a tour through my experience developing an Intrusion Detection System for CAN through different stages. Finally, I will talk about an encompassing CAN Security framework design that ties it all together.

Sivaranjani Sankaralingam

I am a vehicle security researcher at Desay SV, Singapore. I have a master’s degree in Information security from Carnegie Mellon University.